LG Summer Co-op Marketing Materials Now Available

Boost your residential ductless sales during peak summer season with a Dealer Co-Op Kit from LG.  The Kit is based on the concept of “Comfort Zones,” where everyone has a preferred room temperature.  The marketing materials target homeowners who are looking for a more targeted and effective way  to control the temperature in their home.

Best of all, LG will personalize your ads for free!

Marketing materials include:

Customizable Ad Sample
  • Print Ads
  • Envelope Stuffers
  • Online Banners
  • Prerecorded Radio Spots
  • Direct Mail

Get your kit here.

Need additional marketing assistance? Contact marketing@hvacdist.com for more information.

Updated: 2016 HVAC Homeowner Rebates – PECO

Philadelphia Area Contractors, read on for current Homeowner Rebates from PECO. For assistance determining qualifying match-ups, use the AHRI site.

PECO Smart Home Rebates can be combined with EAP rebates for additional homeowner savings.

PECO Smart Home Rebates
Updated as of June 1, 2016

Available through HVAC Distributors on:

Amana & Goodman Heat Pumps

Rebate Qualifying Product
$60/Ton ENERGY STAR® 16.0 to 17.99 SEER, 8.5 HSPF, 12.5 EER heat pump system
$110/Ton ENERGY STAR 18.0+ SEER, 8.5 HSPF, 12.5 EER heat pump system

Daikin & LG Ductless Heat Pumps

Rebate Qualifying Product
$75/Ton 16.0 to 17.99 SEER, 8.5 HSPF, 12.5 EER ductless heat pump system
$110/Ton 18+ SEER, 8.5 HSPF, 12.5 EER
ductless heat pump system

Amana & Goodman Air Conditioners

Rebate Qualifying Product
$50/Ton 15.0 to 17.99 SEER, 12.5 EER central air conditioning system
$85/Ton 18.0+ SEER, 12.5 EER central air conditioning system

Amana & Goodman Natural Gas Furnaces

Rebate Qualifying Product
$100 High Efficiency Furnace Fan
$1,000 Replace a Baseboard or Electric Furnace Heating System with an ENERGY STAR 95%+ AFUE Gas Furnace with <=2% Furnace Fan Efficiency and <2% Air Leakage

ClimateMaster Geothermal Systems

Rebate Qualifying Product
$150 Desuperheater as an Option on a Qualified Geothermal Heat Pump

Dunkirk, HTP and Lochinvar Boilers

Rebate Qualifying Product
$300 ENERGY STAR Natural Gas Boiler (90% AFUE or higher)

Homeowner to be a PECO Electric customer. Fuel Switch Rebates require the customer to be a Residential Heat (RH) customer.

Complete details of the PECO Smart Home Rebate program is available here.

You can order qualifying product at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.

DOE Finalizes Regional Standards Enforcement

Regional Map

The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a pre-publication of its finalized enforcement plan for the Regional Standard on central & single packaged air conditioners. At this time, there are no published enforcement standards for heat pumps.

Once the final rule is published, you will have 30 days to comply with the enforcement plan. The plan is listed below. Please note, the dates are tentative, pending publication of the Final Rule of the Enforcement Plan in the Federal Register.

As a contractor, if you are installing split system or package air conditioning product in the Southeast or Southwest region, effective around July 11, 2016, you will need to ensure that you are maintaining the following information about the units:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Date unit was purchased
  • Contact information from whom the unit was purchased (distributor contact info)
  • Date the unit was sold
  • Contact information of the purchaser (name/ address/ phone number of the homeowner)
  • Delivery address (if applicable/different from the purchaser’s contact info)
  • Installation location and contact information (name & address where the unit was installed)

You will need to maintain this information for 4 years.

For further information on DOE Regional Standards, click here.

Ductless Days of Summer Checklist

As the season gets hectic, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to save time and increase customer satisfaction with your ductless jobs.

Below is a handy checklist of ductless accessories & add-ons available through HVAC Distributors. Contact your local branch or account manager for pricing and availability. Web Order Entry customers can see that information through the Web Order Portal.

Installation Accessories to Save You Time on the Job


Mighty Bracket™

Allows single person installation of indoor units. Works with all brands. Does not damage walls.



 Rectorseal WBB300

Simplifies mounting outdoor units. Level and install the cross beam, then attach the legs at the appropriate distance for your outdoor unit.

Fits all systems (up to 300 lbs). Anti-vibration pads ensure quiet operation & individual levelers eliminate the need for shims.

HVAC Distributors also provides ductless outdoor unit condenser pads for ground installation.


Flaretite Fittings

Flaretite helps you ensure that all refrigerant flare fittings have a perfect seal. Flaretite compensates for small flaws in flares that could cost you a lot of time on the job troubleshooting and fixing.

Simply clip Flaretite on new or damaged fittings to create a perfect leak-free seal.



Fortress™ Duct Fittings

The Fortress™ fitting system hides unsightly AC linesets.

  • Longer ducting length (8ft.) allows for fewer joints
  • 17 fittings assure a complete professional finish
  • Simple 3 step installation
HVAC Distributors also provides ductless-specific line sets.

IAQ Options to Protect Your Customers’ Investment


RGF Quad-MS™

Mounts to the top (exterior) of mini-split units.  Fits all units with hook-and-loop tabs.



Ultravation M-Series™

Mounts inside almost every brand of ductless unit to keep coil clean and improve system lifespan over non-treated units. Includes 3 year system warranty and Ultravation’s standard contractor benefits – including a visual lamp replacement cue.



Hidden Features of Ultravation UV Products

Ultravation prides itself on being a contractor-friendly manufacturer. To that end, Ultravation provides several common features on its products designed to make your life as a contractor/installer easier. How many of these features did you know about?

  1. Lamp Out Alarm. A UV lamp loses its effectiveness before it loses its ability to light. Ultravation helps you avoid awkward homeowner conversations with its Lamp Out features: a visual and audible alarm outside of the unit to notify the homeowner that the lamp needs to be replaced, and the lamp automatically turns off when the UV has lost its effectiveness. Each Ultravation UV light is guaranteed for 1 year. You can use the guarantee and the lamp out feature to maintain confidence with your customers when servicing Ultravation product.
  2. Rugged Construction. Ultravation products are made to last – with high grade stainless steel and T3 Lamp Technology, which emits up to 40% more UV than a standard bulb.
  3. QR Codes on the pieces with links to technical data so you can review wiring diagrams or other information from your smart phone.
  4. Manufactured in the USA
  5. Common Bases. Once you install an Ultravation product, you have ultimate upgrade/downgrade flexibility. Simply understand a homeowner’s need to determine your starting base. All products work off of a roughly 4.25″ base. Once you’ve installed one product, you can add on upgrade features or swap to a different base very easily. The chart below shows how the system works.

UV Explanation doc

Ultravation’s UV IAQ products are in-stock at HVAC Distributors. We also carry the M-Series UV to provide coil maintenance for ductless systems. Ultravation UV products do not produce ozone.

Ask about Ultravation’s UV products at your local branch, or order online through Web Order Entry.

Now At HVAC Distributors: Rectorseal WBB300 Wall Bracket

wbb300As your Partner for Success, we are always interested in finding products that make your job easier.

With ductless installation, this means: adjustable wall brackets for the ductless outdoor unit.

Instead of measuring and installing individual L-brackets, with the RectorSeal WBB300 you level and secure one crossbar, attach the L-brackets to the crossbar, then slide the brackets to hold your outdoor unit.

Other features include:

  • The L-brackets are designed to fit the anchor points of the base of almost any standard outdoor unit (up to 300 pounds)
  • Each L-bracket foot has an individual leveler to ensure perfect fit with every installation – no shimming required
  • The WBB300 comes with anti-vibration pads to reduce noise

The RectorSeal WBB300 is in stock at HVAC Distributors. Order through your local branch, call us at 800.228.4822 or purchase it through Web Order Entry.


Lifetime Warranty Water Heater & Hybrid Tankless Now Available at HVAC Distributors

HVAC Distributors now offers the following new products from HTP to help you stand out to your customers by giving homeowners peace of mind and money-saving high efficiency.


HTP Crossover (RGH-199)

The Crossover eliminates the “cold water sandwich” effect that can occur during tasks like handwashing dishes, when a tankless system doesn’t receive a high demand for water.

The unit combines the hot water capacity benefits of a tank system with the continuous hot water flow benefits of a tankless system.

  • Fast hot water delivery without pressure loss
  • Features dual activation by flow or thermostat sensing so the unit is guaranteed to deliver hot water
  • Unit can be used as an air handler for combination heating & domestic hot water
  • Available for LP or natural gas
  • 10:1 turndown ratio
  • Up to 96.5% AFUE
  • Limited 12 year residential warranty with registration
  • In stock now!

EFT-WALL-insideEFT Combination Wall-Hung (EFTC-199W)

The EFT Combi Wall-Hung now comes in the 199 BTU size.

In addition to an input of 199 MBH for domestic hot water, the 199W has an input of up to 140 MBH for hydronic heating, which makes it one of the most robust combi units on the market today.

The 199W includes a low water cut-off, which is required in Pennsylvania. It also has built-in gas leak detection and an outdoor reset included as a standard feature. These key features ensure that you can sell this unit to homeowners and reliably note its safety and efficiency.

  • Up to 95.1% AFUE
  • 10:1 turndown ratio (DHW: 7:1 turndown ratio hydronic)
  • Fire tube stainless steel primary heat exchanger for cleaner handling of combustion gasses
  • DHW heat exchanger coil for improved response time compared to plate heat exchangers
  • Limited 10 year residential warranty on main heat exchanger with registration
  • Limited 5 year residential warranty on parts with registration
  • Limited 1 year residential warranty on labor with registration
  • In stock now!


Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater (EVC080, EVC100, EVC115)

This limited lifetime warrantied water heater comes in 80, 100  and 115 gallon sizes.

The 80-gallon size (69″ height, 23.25″ diameter) can be used in residential applications where a larger capacity water heater is needed and the home has space constraints.

This water heater is built to last, and is the perfect addition for the contractor looking to provide a “peace-of-mind” option to his traditional water heater options.

  • Stainless steel construction makes this water heater corrosion resistant, which eliminates the need for anode rods, and leak resistant
  • Cold water connection is at the bottom of the heater (closest to heat element) to minimize cold/hot water mixing
  • Limited lifetime warranty with registration
  • 80 gallon unit is in stock!

To find out more about our HTP hydronic product offerings, and even check out some of the new inventory in person, contact your account manager or your local branch. All in-stock products are also available to order through Web Order Entry.