Daikin Introduces New Ductless Wi-Fi Adapter

Daikin has introduced a new Wi-Fi adapter accessory (BRP072A43) that allows the homeowner to control their Daikin ductless system via their smartphone or tablet. The device is a small box, about the size of a deck of cards, that mounts to the wall next to the indoor unit. It can easily be installed as an add-on to an existing unit at the homeowner’s request.

The “Daikin Comfort Control App” is available for free on Google Play or iTunes, for Android or Apple OS.

Daikin Comfort Control App
  • Fully programmable (5+2, 5+1+1 and 7 day).
  • Controls multiple Daikin ductless systems in the house, either individually or as a single group
  • Works on most infrared-controlled Daikin units, including the most common wall mount units (15 Series, 19 Series, 20 Series, LV Series, MXS Series, MXL Series)
  • Works with the new floor mount indoor units, which work with the 20 Series, MXS and MXL Series outdoor units

Note: This adapter does not work with slim duct, ceiling cassette, Quaternity or most SkyAir indoor units. For Wi-Fi capability for a Slim Duct unit (LV, MXS or MXL Series) or for the Quaternity Series, the ENVi thermostat (DACA-TS1-1) is Wi-Fi compatible.

The Wi-Fi adapter is in-stock and can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.

Lochinvar Makes VIP Program Updates

The Lochinvar VIP Program is moving to a new website, www.LochinvarVIP.com.  lochinvar

The new site includes a fully mobile site with better functionality, including barcode scanning, allowing eligible products to be registered quicker than ever. Use a smart phone or tablet to scan the barcode on the unit while on the job site or save it for later and complete registrations back at the shop.

When the barcode is scanned, the system will automatically fill in the model and serial number, eliminating typing errors and saving valuable time.

To access the improved site and the new features you will be required to reset your password on your first login.

Not a Lochinvar VIP yet?

Sign up here and earn a $25 gift card for each Knight Boiler registered. Plus, submit your installation photos to the 2016-2017 Installation Showcase Contest for a chance to win a trip to Nashville!

Lochinvar Knight Boilers are in stock at HVAC Distributors. Order through your local branch, call us at 800.228.4822 or purchase one through Web Order Entry.

Summary of Federal and State Tax Credits/Rebates for Hydronics

For the most up-to-date detail of federal, state and local tax credits, visit dsireusa.org.

Federal Hydronics Tax Credits & Qualifying HVAC Distributors Equipment

Maximum Available
Tax Credit
Product Type

Efficiency Requirements

$150 Natural Gas, Propane or Oil Boilers 95% AFUE Rating
$300 Water Heaters (non-solar) Electric:
Energy Factor ≥ 2.0Gas, Oil, Propane:
Energy Factor ≥ .82 or
Thermal Efficiency ≥ 90%

In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Gas Works currently has a Residential & Small Business Equipment Rebate program where homeowners can get a $1,500 rebate on the first installed unit and $800 rebate on any additional units installed on the project (using this Homeowner Rebate Form) when the product(s) installed are natural gas boilers with an AFUE of 94% or more.

95%+ AFUE Boilers In-Stock At HVAC Distributors

Water Heaters (Non-Solar) In-Stock At HVAC Distributors that Qualify for the Federal Program

Questions about which product is best to offer your homeowners? Contact your account manager or your local branch. You can also get your customer-specific pricing and product availability immediately by logging in to Web Order Entry (registration and HVAC Distributors customer account required).

Federal Tax Credit Exclusions for 2016
  • The maximum amount an eligible homeowner may receive in federal tax credits for purchasing and installing qualifying products is now 10% of the cost of the improvement, including installation costs, up to $500 (there are per-item limits).
  • The $500 tax credit amount is reduced by the total amount of residential energy property credits a homeowner has claimed for purchases between 2006 and 2016.
  • For full details of exclusions, click here for our March Product & Service News 

HVAC Distributors Now Offers New Lochinvar KHN Floor-Standing Fire Tube Boiler

New KHN boiler with fire tube heat exchanger.

Lochinvar’s Knight boiler line now includes a floor-standing fire tube boiler option.

This new model is currently offered as an additional mod-con option in the Knight line. The KHN uses a fire tube heat exchanger instead of the condensing stainless steel heat exchanger in the KBN models.

The KHN has:

  • Direct vent capabilities to 100 feet
  • ENERGY STAR rating
  • 10:1 turndown ratio
  • CON·X·US® compatible for off-site troubleshooting
  • Exclusive Lochinvar SMART SYSTEM™ controls (DHW night set back, separately adjustable SH/DHW switching times and more)
  • Ability to set up to 3 set point temperatures with outdoor reset for each temperature loop
  • 12 year limited  product warranty
  • 5 year limited parts & labor warranty

HVAC Distributors has the new floor-standing KHN models in stock (85,000 BTU – 285,000 BTU sizes):

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH AFUE Flue Size Weight
452323 KHN085-M9 85 95% 2” 165 lb
452324 KHN110-M9 110 95% 3” 170 lb
452325 KHN155-M9 155 95% 3” 175 lb
452326 KHN199-M9 199 95% 3” 195 lb
452327 KHN285-M9 285 95% 4” 205 lb

Ask about the Lochinvar KHN at your local branch, or order through Web Order Entry using the HVAC No. listed above.

PROMOTION ALERT: When you buy Lochinvar Knight equipment from HVAC Distributors between August 15 and October 15, 2016, you can receive a free Lochinvar work shirt or Bison Cooler. See Promo Details here: www.hvacdist.com/knightboiler.asp

Rinnai On-Demand Water Heaters Now Vent with PVC

HVAC Distributors stocks Rinnai’s Ultra Series models, which can be vented with either PVC or CPVC. Previously, Rinnai product could only be vented with polypropylene piping.

Additionally, Rinnai has expanded its Ultra Series line with lower BTU options for single family and smaller multi-family units using natural gas or propane heating. HVAC Distributors has the 160 MBH (RUCS75i) in stock.

RUR Models Provide Installation Flexibility
You can install the Ultra Series RUR models with any plumbing system – even if the homeowner doesn’t have dedicated recirculation return lines, which saves your team time and materials on installation.


These models have a dedicated recirculation pump, internal bypass line and thermal bypass valve to adapt the on-demand water heater to the existing plumbing system. If a homeowner already has a dedicated recirculation return line, the Ultra’s time-and temperature-based Comfort and Economy modes can be programmed to provide the homeowner with customized comfort and energy-savings control over the unit.

Compact & Meets DOE Energy Efficiency Requirements
Rinnai’s on demand water heaters are compact and meet current DOE energy efficiency requirements, making them an attractive option where space is limited for water heater installation.

The Ultra Series features Rinnai’s highest hot water capacity per BTU, providing the ability to support multiple, simultaneous hot water demands and more venting solutions on the same unit:

  • RUR98 model has a 13:1 turndown ratio
  • RUC98 model has a 13:1 turndown ratio
  • RUCS75 model has a 16:1 turndown ratio

HVAC Distributors also continues to carry the Luxury series, which is polypropylene-vented.

Rinnai tankless products are in-stock and can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry (use the “HVAC No.”, below, to quickly order what you need).

Ultra Series (RUR Models: Do not require dedicated recirculation return line)

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
445801 RUR98i-NG 199 MBH NG 95% 73 lb
445802 RUR98i-LP 199 MBH LP 95% 73 lb

Ultra Series (RUC Models: Require dedicated recirculation return line)

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
445720 RUC98i-NG 199 MBH NG 95% 62 lb
445798 RUC98i-LP 199 MBH LP 95% 62 lb

Ultra Series (RUC Models, Smaller Capacity: Require dedicated recirculation return line)

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
452516 RUCS75i-NG 160 MBH NG 93% 57 lb
452517 RUCS75i-LP 160 MBH LP 93% 57 lb

Luxury Series

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
410336 RL94i-NG 199 MH NG 82% 46 lb
410336 RL94i -LP 199 MBH LP 82% 46 lb
398501 RL75i-NG 180 MBH NG 82% 46 lb
398502 RL75i-LP 180 MBH LP 82% 46 lb

If you have questions about the Rinnai line, contact your Account Manager. If you are a contractor in our service area (NY, PA, MD, DE, WV, VA) and would like to purchase Rinnai from HVAC Distributors, call your closest branch to find out more about this product!

Amana 18 SEER Inverter Heat Pump Coming Soon!

ASX14Goodman Manufacturing announced a new 18 SEER inverter heat pump, with ratings of up to 19 SEER and 13 EER.

The heat pump will be sold in 4 sizes: 2, 3, 4, and 5 ton. Because of the true inverter motor, half-sizes are not required.

The 18 SEER inverter heat pump comes with Amana’s Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty Coverage (complete warranty details available at www.amana-hac.com).

The inverter heat pump must be paired with the CTK-04 communicating thermostat and matches with a new line of Amana electronic expansion valve (EEV) air handlers: the AVPEC family.

Full product specs are here.

The new EEV allows the valve to adjust based on performance load, which improves overall efficiency of the system compared to a TXV. For an explanation of the benefits of an EEV compared to a TXV in variable load situations, click here.

Not sure if inverter technology is right for you and your customers? Check out our cost-comparison calculator to show the first-year and lifetime cost savings of installing an inverter versus other high-efficiency equipment. The results may surprise you.

Note: To purchase Amana inverter product from HVAC Distributors, you must be a registered Amana dealer with HVAC Distributors and at least one person at your company has to have completed the required inverter training. Call your account manager, local branch or our inside sales staff (800.228.4822) with questions.

Are Your Techs Costing Your Customers Money?

Did you know that improper installation of equipment can decrease the efficiency of HVAC equipment by more than 30%?

According to a 2014 study released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), duct leakage can cause a 30% energy penalty. Equipment oversizing and refrigerant undercharging can decrease equipment efficiency by 20%. As ACCA President & CEO Paul T. Stalknecht, noted in a letter to Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, multiple installation faults can decrease efficiency by more than 40%.

When you sell a homeowner a system based on higher efficiency, you don’t want to field a call after 30 days where they’re asking where their savings is.

The good news is that you can control how your techs install equipment, and HVAC Distributors can help you.

First, we offer NATE testing at all of our locations, to help your techs get and maintain NATE certification. NATE certification exams are based on real-world knowledge of HVACR systems, and are designed to ensure that technicians are able to properly size and charge equipment and install complete HVAC systems.

Second, we have three full-time technical support people on staff who provide targeted training on key technical “pain points” to help your techs understand the fundamentals of proper installation and maintenance of equipment. Our Technical Training Supervisor, Eric Kravitz, was recently highlighted in NATE Magazine, discussing our flexible training options and revamped training program.

To see our current training classes, NATE/EPA testing dates, or request a custom class for your company, click here.

Eric will also be presenting at 2016 ComforTech in Philadelphia on September 21.