Modulating Furnace – Service Replacement Control Board PCBKF200SF

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SF-048 regarding Modulating Furnace Replacement Control Board PCBKF200SF.

From Goodman:

We have received reports that when replacing the control board on the modulating furnace, the  necessary data is not consistently being uploaded to the replacement control board resulting in a non-functioning furnace and a “d0” fault code displayed on the control board. Models affected are AMVM96, ACVM96, GMVM96 and GCVM96.

Therefore; in the event of a failed modulating furnace control board in a legacy wired system (using a 24 volt thermostat), it will be necessary to install the proper memory chip at the time of control board replacement. Memory chips are model specific. Please refer to the chart below when selecting memory chips and follow instructions packaged with each memory chip.

NOTE: For installations including a communicating thermostat, the replacement board will acquire all necessary data from the communicating thermostat and no memory chip is required.


For questions, please contact HVAC Distributors Technical Services Department.

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