Now Available: Amana Equipment Reviews

Goodman has recently invested a great deal of time and resources into collecting thousands of consumer reviews on all of its products.  Amana equipment is averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction. Reviews are visible on each individual product page on the Amana consumer site – and at  

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How are the reviews collected?

After homeowners register their equipment they will be prompted to write a review.  HVAC Distributors has advertisements available to attach to your quotes/invoices to remind customers to do this.  These items can be requested through your account manager or at (Product ID Amana Review – Post Card or Amana Review – Business Card).

What if I register the equipment for my customer?

If you are a contractor that registers equipment for the homeowner, you must put a valid homeowner email  in the registration form. Amana will reach out to the homeowner individually for a review.

How can I use these reviews to close more sales?

These reviews can be utilized during sales presentations, included in quotes, and even your marketing collateral. 

If you’d like assistance with incorporating review text into your marketing pieces, contact

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