Goodman Announces New Location of Furnace Rating Label & Serial Number on 34.5″ Furnaces

Updated serial and ratings label placement
Updated 34.5″ Blower Door Serial Number & Rating Info Location

Goodman Manufacturing recently issued Service Bulletin SF-063 to remind contractors that the furnace rating label for the 34.5” chassis furnaces, which contains the furnace serial number, is located on the blower door instead of the interior of the side panel in the top of the furnace.

This change affects both Goodman® and Amana® branded furnaces.

Because the rating label contains important information including the model and serial number of the furnace, if you need to replace a blower door on a 34.5″ furnace, you must contact HVAC Distributors for a replacement door with the matching serial number for the affected unit.

HVAC Distributors will ensure that you have a replacement door to quickly service your customer and also replace the blower door with the unit-specific serial number to ensure the customer continues to receive the warranties associated with the system.

Goodman also notes:

 Model and serial numbers can also be found on the furnace run test label and bar code label located on the blower deck. Where multiple furnaces are in one location, care should be taken to ensure that only the matching serialized door is placed on a furnace. A blower door must not be removed from a stock furnace to replace a lost or damaged blower door on another furnace.

If you have questions about this service bulletin, please contact us.

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