GSC and GSH Dry Charge Units Discontinued by Goodman

Goodman Manufacturing has discontinued the production of GSC and GSH dry charge units and no longer has product available for purchase.

HVAC Distributors has limited inventory of dry charge units available for purchase. If you have an R-22 replacement job, please contact us at 800.228.4822 for current inventory.

This discontinuation means also that you should begin developing your strategy for discussing R-410A system replacements with your customers.

Benefits of an R-410A System to a Homeowner

  • Based on the current price of R-22, complete system replacements with an R-410A charged outdoor unit can be more cost-effective than component replacements that require an R-22 charge.
  • R-410A systems are eligible for extended service agreements (if your company offers them) for additional peace of mind. Dry charge units were not eligible for extended warranties.
  • Based on improvements to HVAC systems over the last 20 years, homeowners can enjoy lower energy bills from newer systems.
    Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey
    Note: Amounts represent the energy consumption in occupied primary housing units.
  • Based on the Montreal Protocol, R-22 will be phased out of manufacturer production by 2020, so the homeowner is only delaying the inevitable change to a new system.
  • There are a variety of federal and local energy efficiency rebates that can be used to finance the new, higher efficiency (16 SEER+) system.

We can help you develop strategies to guide your customers through this transition. Call your account manager or local branch for tools and product recommendations.

A Note From HVAC Distributors’ Tech Service Department: It is not recommended to connect an R-410A outdoor unit to an indoor unit of an R-22 system. This type of system mismatch voids the outdoor unit warranty and will shorten the life of the overall system.

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