Oil in Basepans, on Coils, or on Shipping Boxes of Products

Goodman recently released Service Bulletin SA-027.

From Goodman:

Occasionally we receive reports of oil in the basepan, on the coil or on the shipping box as products are being installed. Due to the variability of manufacturing processes used to produce coil fins these surfaces can, on occasion, be left with excess oil which can wick out onto the box or the basepan. These processes are continually monitored and efforts are taken to minimize the use of these oils.

Note that finding excess fin oil in the basepan does not indicate the presence of a leak in the refrigeration system. If a leak is suspected, the standard procedures for locating the leak should be followed, which may include checking the unit for pressure and/or using a leak detector.

Excess fin oil on the coil or in the basepan does not affect the performance of the system.

For questions, please contact HVAC Distributors Technical Services Department.

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