LG Launches New Redesigned Website

LG has announced the launch of LGHVAC.com, a new, consolidated website.
The primary goal of the redesign is to help both installers and consumers access the information they need in a quick and efficient manner and bring consistency to the communication channels.

New Features:

  • Search: Expanded search functionality across the site will help users quickly find desired content.
  • New Product Pages: Cleaner look and easier navigation of information
  • myLG HVAC: All useful documentation including submittals, engineering manuals, and product literature is centralized before the login. After login, users will have access to channel exclusive content.

Where do I find documentation, submittals, and manuals?

myLG HVAC is your new go-to for all documentation and relevant information which is  available before the login. Additionally, all related content is still found on each product page for further convenience.

What happened to all the old URLs that I was using (lg-vrf.com, lg-dfs.com, lgptac.com, lghomecomfort.com)?

All existing URLs will be automatically redirected to appropriate pages on the new lghvac.com site.  If you are using these URLs currently, please switch them out to lghvac.com.

Daikin Announces Updated Consumer Website

Daikin has announced the launch of the newly updated daikincomfort.com website. The new website offers a complete visual refresh from the previous version and provides a simplified layout with content organized for the consumer experience.

The updated daikincomfort.com will initially focus solely on the consumer and include residential products only. Professional content and commercial product information remains at daikinac.com at this time.*  The updated website includes a new responsive design that is optimized for all internet browsers. Consumers can easily navigate from the Homepage (shown below) to all areas of the website, with prominent placement for Product Registration and Warranty Lookup.

*The content of daikinac.com will be enhanced and integrated into a new professional section of daikincomfort.com, with an anticipated launch later this year.


New & Improved Features:

  • A newly integrated Product Selector page provides users with minimal HVAC knowledge to identify product features and  select the best match for their needs.
  • The Find a Dealer locator is prominently displayed at the top of each page so the consumer can find a nearby dealer when they are ready to purchase a new system.
  • Future content improvements will include recommended maintenance and basic troubleshooting tips and more about Daikin’s commitment to customer service.

The full Press Release is located at www.daikincomfort.com/press-releases.

Daikin ductless products are available at any of our HVAC Distributors locations and can be ordered by phone or through Web Order Entry.

LG Summer Co-op Marketing Materials Now Available

Boost your residential ductless sales during peak summer season with a Dealer Co-Op Kit from LG.  The Kit is based on the concept of “Comfort Zones,” where everyone has a preferred room temperature.  The marketing materials target homeowners who are looking for a more targeted and effective way  to control the temperature in their home.

Best of all, LG will personalize your ads for free!

Marketing materials include:

Customizable Ad Sample

  • Print Ads
  • Envelope Stuffers
  • Online Banners
  • Prerecorded Radio Spots
  • Direct Mail

Get your kit here.

Need additional marketing assistance? Contact marketing@hvacdist.com for more information.

New Marketing Tool Available for Lochinvar VIP Contractors

Lochinvar has introduced a new marketing feature in conjunction with the 2015-2016 VIP Program. The “VIP Toolbox” is a customizable tool that allows you to place your logo and contact information on various marketing pieces and have them printed and delivered to your door FREE.

VIP Toolbox
Marketing piece samples

Check it out here.  Products include:

  • Door Hanger
  • Postcard
  • Bill Stuffer

Suggestions for other products are currently being accepted. Click here to send your suggestion to Lochinvar and  you just might see it incorporated soon!

Now Available: Amana Equipment Reviews

Goodman has recently invested a great deal of time and resources into collecting thousands of consumer reviews on all of its products.  Amana equipment is averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction. Reviews are visible on each individual product page on the Amana consumer site – www.amana-hac.com and at www.amana-hac.com/reviews.  

Learn more:

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