Flashshield Arc-Resistant CSST Available at HVAC Distributors

gastite flashshield

One of the biggest concerns with installing gas furnaces is ensuring that the gas connections are not a fire hazard.  Two common causes of potential fires are lightning strikes (common within the HVAC footprint in Maryland and Pennsylvania) and power surges.

HVAC Distributors stocks Flashshield™ because it offers the highest level of protection against both indirect lightning strikes and electrical system fault current arcs up to 600V. This means that when you use Flashshield, as a certified Gastite installer, you can be confident that you’re providing the highest level of safety for your customers.

How does it work?

Why Flashshield?

  • It saves time. It installs in about 1/3 the time of rigid pipe.
  • It reduces job cost. It reduces gas fittings required by about 75%.
  • It is the safest product you can provide your homeowners. It’s listed to ANSI LC1 and ICC-ES PMG LC 1027 standards, and its multi-layer insulation protects from corrosive elements that may also weaken pipes and cause fire hazards.

Flashshield is available at all HVAC branches and through Web Order Entry. As with most gas piping, it requires certification to purchase. If you need the certification, Gastite has an on-demand online certification course that you can take to be certified within 60 minutes. The certification is also an excellent refresher on general gas piping basics.

Amana® Products Now Have Premium Product Packaging

To better differentiate its Amana brand, Goodman Manufacturing has introduced premium product packaging on all Amana-brand high efficiency equipment:
condensing units, heat pumps, furnaces, and air handlers. The packaging enhancements are designed to better protect products in transit and provide homeowners with a premium experience upon delivery of their new unit.

New packaging includes a larger skid, full unit coverage, and a tighter fitting lid.

Amana MarCom News_Premium Packaging 10_16
Premium Packaging (left) vs. Standard Packaging (right)
  • Larger skid provides margin on each side
    of the unit to help reduce bump damage
  • Sleeve provides full unit coverage and protection
  • Tighter fitting lid to prevent slippage and provide enhanced protection


The new premium packaging also clearly shows the American Pride logo  (below) for homeowners to see.





Goodman Manufacturing, in conjunction with The ACHR News, conducted a survey of contractors that showed, when asked, 75% of homeowners prefer a product made or assembled in the United States.

HVAC Distributors Amana dealers will start to see delivery of units with the new packaging, effective immediately.

ComfortNet CTK04 Now Includes Voice Control

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to connect their lives and homes.

Goodman has recognized this trend and has updated the ComfortNet CTK04 to include voice controls. When you install a CTK04 and connect it to the Honeywell Residential Internet Gateway, your homeowner can use many of today’s popular home electronic assistants to control their Goodman or Amana brand  ComfortNet system.

Some of the home electronic assistants  and apps that are compatible with the new CTK04 include:

  • 518738-google-home-vs-amazon-echoAmazon Echo is a wireless speaker that uses Alexa Voice Assistant to control devices in your home.
  • Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant.
  • The Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app allows you to control the CTK04 directly through your smartphone and/or tablet.

This new voice control options is another way the ComfortNet CTK04 control separates itself from the competition by integrating with some of the biggest smart home companies today and making a great product even better for your valued customers.

ComfortNet CTK04 thermostats, Honeywell Residential Internet Gateway and Google Home devices are in stock and can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.


Rinnai On-Demand Water Heaters Now Vent with PVC

HVAC Distributors stocks Rinnai’s Ultra Series models, which can be vented with either PVC or CPVC. Previously, Rinnai product could only be vented with polypropylene piping.

Additionally, Rinnai has expanded its Ultra Series line with lower BTU options for single family and smaller multi-family units using natural gas or propane heating. HVAC Distributors has the 160 MBH (RUCS75i) in stock.

RUR Models Provide Installation Flexibility
You can install the Ultra Series RUR models with any plumbing system – even if the homeowner doesn’t have dedicated recirculation return lines, which saves your team time and materials on installation.


These models have a dedicated recirculation pump, internal bypass line and thermal bypass valve to adapt the on-demand water heater to the existing plumbing system. If a homeowner already has a dedicated recirculation return line, the Ultra’s time-and temperature-based Comfort and Economy modes can be programmed to provide the homeowner with customized comfort and energy-savings control over the unit.

Compact & Meets DOE Energy Efficiency Requirements
Rinnai’s on demand water heaters are compact and meet current DOE energy efficiency requirements, making them an attractive option where space is limited for water heater installation.

The Ultra Series features Rinnai’s highest hot water capacity per BTU, providing the ability to support multiple, simultaneous hot water demands and more venting solutions on the same unit:

  • RUR98 model has a 13:1 turndown ratio
  • RUC98 model has a 13:1 turndown ratio
  • RUCS75 model has a 16:1 turndown ratio

HVAC Distributors also continues to carry the Luxury series, which is polypropylene-vented.

Rinnai tankless products are in-stock and can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry (use the “HVAC No.”, below, to quickly order what you need).

Ultra Series (RUR Models: Do not require dedicated recirculation return line)

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
445801 RUR98i-NG 199 MBH NG 95% 73 lb
445802 RUR98i-LP 199 MBH LP 95% 73 lb

Ultra Series (RUC Models: Require dedicated recirculation return line)

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
445720 RUC98i-NG 199 MBH NG 95% 62 lb
445798 RUC98i-LP 199 MBH LP 95% 62 lb

Ultra Series (RUC Models, Smaller Capacity: Require dedicated recirculation return line)

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
452516 RUCS75i-NG 160 MBH NG 93% 57 lb
452517 RUCS75i-LP 160 MBH LP 93% 57 lb

Luxury Series

HVAC No. Mfg Part No. Input MBH Fuel AFUE Weight
410336 RL94i-NG 199 MH NG 82% 46 lb
410336 RL94i -LP 199 MBH LP 82% 46 lb
398501 RL75i-NG 180 MBH NG 82% 46 lb
398502 RL75i-LP 180 MBH LP 82% 46 lb

If you have questions about the Rinnai line, contact your Account Manager. If you are a contractor in our service area (NY, PA, MD, DE, WV, VA) and would like to purchase Rinnai from HVAC Distributors, call your closest branch to find out more about this product!

Last Call for 13 SEER Package Rooftop Units

Due to DOE Federal regulatory requirements, manufacturers must end production  of 13 SEER packaged rooftop products by December 31, 2016.

This change affects both Fraser-Johnston and Daikin rooftop units sold through HVAC Distributors & HVAC Commercial Solutions.

In preparation, manufacturers are making a “last call” for production to meet the needs of customers prior to the production deadline.

If you have project needs that may require 13 SEER packaged rooftop equipment, please contact your account manager as soon as possible to ensure that we can meet your project needs.

Specific Units Affected

  • Fraser-Johnston ZS series (3 – 5 ton) will transition to the ZD series
  • Fraser-Johnston XA series (3 – 5 ton) will transition to the XT series
  • Daikin DC series (3 – 5 ton) is affected. We will communicate details of Daikin’s transition plan as it is available.

Goodman Manufacturing Increases ENERGY STAR Certified Products

Goodman Manufacturing recently announced its continued and expanded participation in U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.

ENERGY STAR is frequently a shorthand criteria for federal, regional and local energy rebates, and this increased participation will make it easier for you to demonstrate qualifying products in these energy rebate programs.

Below is the list of qualifying ENERGY STAR products as of August 18, 2016. For current ENERGY STAR products, click here for Furnaces, here for Air Conditioners, and here for Heat Pumps. If you are an HVAC Distributors customer and need to order updated literature for the new ENERGY STAR models, click here.

Energy Star Rated Goodman(r) and Amana(r) products as of August 18, 2016

These updated products are in stock at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.

Hidden Features of Ultravation UV Products

Ultravation prides itself on being a contractor-friendly manufacturer. To that end, Ultravation provides several common features on its products designed to make your life as a contractor/installer easier. How many of these features did you know about?

  1. Lamp Out Alarm. A UV lamp loses its effectiveness before it loses its ability to light. Ultravation helps you avoid awkward homeowner conversations with its Lamp Out features: a visual and audible alarm outside of the unit to notify the homeowner that the lamp needs to be replaced, and the lamp automatically turns off when the UV has lost its effectiveness. Each Ultravation UV light is guaranteed for 1 year. You can use the guarantee and the lamp out feature to maintain confidence with your customers when servicing Ultravation product.
  2. Rugged Construction. Ultravation products are made to last – with high grade stainless steel and T3 Lamp Technology, which emits up to 40% more UV than a standard bulb.
  3. QR Codes on the pieces with links to technical data so you can review wiring diagrams or other information from your smart phone.
  4. Manufactured in the USA
  5. Common Bases. Once you install an Ultravation product, you have ultimate upgrade/downgrade flexibility. Simply understand a homeowner’s need to determine your starting base. All products work off of a roughly 4.25″ base. Once you’ve installed one product, you can add on upgrade features or swap to a different base very easily. The chart below shows how the system works.

UV Explanation doc

Ultravation’s UV IAQ products are in-stock at HVAC Distributors. We also carry the M-Series UV to provide coil maintenance for ductless systems. Ultravation UV products do not produce ozone.

Ask about Ultravation’s UV products at your local branch, or order online through Web Order Entry.