Warranty Process for Aspen Coils

Aspen Tag Sample

When submitting a warranty request involving an Aspen coil, you must return the silver-gray Mylar tag on the coil that contains the Model & Serial Number of the coil. Photocopies are not accepted — only the original tag.

To ensure that your warranty is processed quickly (for Aspen coils purchased through HVAC Distributors), please make sure the original tag is returned with your warranty claim. The tag is located on the door panel of the coil cabinet.

If you have questions about a current claim, feel free to reach out to HVAC Distributors’ Warranty Department at warranty@hvacdist.com.

For all warranty claim procedures or to submit a claim, visit the Warranty Page on our website.

Goodman Tubular Upgrade Warranty Program Updates

Goodman Manufacturing offers a Tubular Upgrade Program, which provides contractors with the option of upgrading homeowners with a non-functional clamshell-type heat exchanger (covered under the terms of the original warranty) to a new Goodman brand furnace featuring a tubular heat exchanger at a discounted price.

From Goodman:

Here is how the program works:

  1. Once a dealer verifies the homeowner has a non-functional Goodman clamshell heat exchanger covered under the terms of the original warranty, the installing dealer can provide the homeowner with the option of a new furnace at $150 below the dealer’s purchase price from the distributor. This discount applies only to furnace cost. It is the dealer’s responsibility to negotiate all additional costs with the homeowner including labor, freight, or any other costs associated with the installation, service, repair or operation of the unit.The new furnace will be backed with all standard limited warranties associated with the specific model selected for replacement, including a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty. All warranties are available to the original registered owner and his or her spouse provided the unit is installed in an owner-occupied single-family residence and the unit is properly registered online with Goodman within 60 days after the upgraded installation occurs. Online registration is not required in California or Quebec. See www.goodmanmfg.com for complete warranty details.

  2. To qualify, the installing dealer must complete a FURNACE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT form, disclose the program to the homeowner and provide the homeowner with a completed copy of the FURNACE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT. The dealer must also retain a copy of the completed form to submit with their warranty claim to their distributor.

  3. Dealer must provide the participating Goodman distributor with:

A.  the completed and signed FURNACE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT form; and

B. the Warranty Claim Form; and

C. The non-functional furnace or rating nameplate.

Then, the dealer will be provided a $150 discount towards a future Goodman serialized equipment purchase by the participating distributor.

This program is only available on qualifying clamshell-type heat exchangers. Following is a list of qualifying & non-qualifying models, based on current claims requested through Goodman Manufacturing:

Qualifying-NonQualifying Models

For HVAC Distributors customers, we have provided a link to the FURNACE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT form on our web site for your convenience. Print this form to use for exchanges, then return the materials listed in Step 3, above, to your local HVAC Distributors branch.

ClimateMaster Warranty Processing Updates

ClimateMaster recently announced updates to its warranty processing procedure, effective July 15, 2015.

Because of the changes announced by ClimateMaster, HVAC Distributors is able to process your warranty claims that include replacement product purchased through HVAC Distributors and provide you with a parts credit faster. Additionally, if you use parts out of your inventory and place a claim through our Warranty Portal, you’ll receive a replacement ClimateMaster OEM part at no charge. The process changes detailed below do not affect warranty claims involving parts requested directly from ClimateMaster.

Currently, if you have a ClimateMaster warranty request that involves a replacement part HVAC Distributors stocks, you:

  1. If necessary, purchase or request a replacement part from HVAC Distributors;
  2. Service your customer to fix their unit;
  3. Submit your warranty claim to HVAC Distributors through our Warranty Portal;
  4. Receive applicable part & labor credits once the claim has been approved and processed by ClimateMaster, which, on average, takes 4 to 12 weeks.

Here is how the process changes, effective July 15 (Changes in bold):

  1. If necessary, purchase or request a replacement part from HVAC Distributors;
  2. Service your customer to fix their unit;
  3. Submit your warranty claim to HVAC Distributors through our Warranty Portal;
  4. If you purchased a part from HVAC Distributors, you will receive a credit for that part within 7 – 14 days. If you used an after market part from your inventory to service your customer, you will receive a replacement ClimateMaster OEM part within 7 – 14 days to replenish your inventory.
  5. You will receive a separate labor credit once the claim has been approved and processed by ClimateMaster, which, on average, takes 4 to 12 weeks.

Claims involving parts requested directly from ClimateMaster are not affected by this process update because they are handled directly by ClimateMaster.

Please contact HVAC Distributors’ Warranty Department with any questions.

Amana 14 SEER Product Warranty Update

Amana has released PMN A-GN-OT-980 regarding warranty updates for the Amana 14 SEER product.

The notice states that 14 SEER AC and 14 SEER HP units produced after August 1, 2015, will have 10-year parts limited warranty (see www.amana-hac.com for complete warranty details). Units produced prior to August 1 have limited lifetime unit replacement warranty.

The updated warranty applies to the following product families: ASX14 Air Conditioner, ANX14 Air Conditioner, ASZ14 Heat Pump, ANZ14 Heat Pump. Only units with serial numbers that start with “1508” or greater are affected by this announcement.

Options are available for the ASX14 and ASZ14 for the purchase of limited unit replacement coverage through Asure Extended Service plans for customers in the HVAC Distributors footprint.

So what do you do if you’re selling the 14 SEER system on the limited lifetime warranty? Read more for options. Continue reading

New Amana Goodman and Daikin Warranty Plans Effective April 15

Goodman announced new plan numbers for its extended warranty contracts on Goodman product, Amana product and Daikin ductless product.

New plans go into effect April 15, 2015. Current pricing and plans are in effect on installations through April 14, 2015.

To view current warranty contract pricing and 2015 pricing, please click here. If you require the password to view the files, please contact your account manager.

These warranty plans are available for purchase through Goodman’s Warranty Express system (https://warranty.goodmanmfg.com). If you are not a Warranty Express user, please complete the pre-recorded training sessions at www.hvacdist.com/warranty.asp to receive login credentials.

Click “Read More” for further details about the updated plans. Continue reading