Ductless Tools to Save You Time (Ductless Days of Summer 2)

Last year, we provided a round up of HVAC Distributors new tools to help you with ductless installations.

We have some new tools to add to the list to help you with ductless installations to save time, reduce call backs & increase your customer’s satisfaction with your work.

Contact your local branch or account manager for pricing and availability. Web Order Entry customers can see that information through the Web Order Portal.

 Yellow Jacket’s Mini-Split Tool Kit (includes 16″ tool bag)

Yellow Jacket Mini-Split Tool Kit

This tool kit includes everything you need to install or repair a mini-split unit (any brand), including:

  • Heat Pump Manifold designed to handle all mini-split refrigerants & pressures, including heating modes
  • 60″ PLUS II Hoses (RYB), 1/4″ with 1/4″ flare fittings
  • Adjustable Metric Torque Wrench
  • Vacuum Charge Valve with side port
  • And more

You can also purchase the 8 Head Torque Wrench Kit (HVAC Part: 422773) by itself.

RectorSeal® NoKink™ Flexible Refrigerant Line Connector


Easily install refrigerant lines coming out of the wall to the ductless indoor unit with this flexible line connector.

Other benefits include:

  • 3″ long copper end for easier flaring
  • UL listed for R410A
  • Maximum working pressure of 800 psi, and a burst strength of greater than 4,000 psi.

HVAC Distributors stocks 1/4″ x 3′, 1/2″ x 3′, 3/8″ x 3′ and 5/8″ x 3′ sizes.

Here are the simple installation instructions:


HVAC Distributors Now Stocks Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable

Diversitech's self-regulating freeze protection cable warms condensate lines to prevent freezing without the risk of melting PVC tubing.
Diversitech’s self-regulating freeze protection cable warms condensate lines to prevent freezing without the risk of melting PVC tubing.

HVAC Distributors now stocks Diversitech’s self-regulating freeze protection cable. Self-regulating freeze protection has several benefits over traditional constant wattage cables:

  • Use with a greater variety of materials, including PVC piping. The self-regulation feature prevents overheating, which can cause PVC to melt.
  • Can be overlapped during installation without fear of burnout.
  • Can be cut to length in the field without factory assistance.

This new product improves on older style constant wattage cables by replacing the metal heating element with electrically conductive carbon black powder. The powder responds to local changes in temperature, which ensures that condensate or hydronic lines being warmed by the cable are not overheated.

This product will save you time in the field and help you perform a quality installation for your customers. For further information on how you can use this cable, contact your local branch or your Account Manager. The product is currently available for order through Web Order Entry (see Features, below, for Product Order Numbers).

Cutaway of self-regulating cable technology
Cutaway of self-regulating cable technology


  • 240v power
  • Hard-wired
  • Available in 6.5′ (Product HC-02-02), 19.5′ (Product HC-06-02) and 32.5′ (Product HC-10-02). Longer lengths are available as special order.
  • Includes lead wires
  • Ideal for plastic condensate lines & hydronic supply piping in unconditioned spaces (provides indoor & outdoor freeze protection)
  • Assembled in the USA

HVAC Distributors Now Carries Diversitech UltraLite Ductless Pads

UC1636-2HVAC Distributors now carries Diversitech’s UltraLite® Lightweight Concrete Equipment Pads for ductless outdoor units.

  • This 2″ pad is made of fiber-reinforced cement. It is designed to flex, instead of crack or break, under the weight of the outdoor unit.
  • The pad’s polystyrene core absorbs and dampens unit vibration.
  • The pad’s textured surface prevents equipment from sliding.
  • The pad is tested to be freeze and thaw resistant, flame resistant and long-term exterior weather resistant. It is also specifically tested to ensure resistance to R-22, compressor oil, salt solution & synthetic canine urine.

These pads are a stock product at HVAC Distributors (item 371473). To order one or add one to an order, call us at 800.228.4822, visit your local HVAC Distributors branch or order through Web Order Entry.