Daikin Introduces New Ductless Wi-Fi Adapter

Daikin has introduced a new Wi-Fi adapter accessory (BRP072A43) that allows the homeowner to control their Daikin ductless system via their smartphone or tablet. The device is a small box, about the size of a deck of cards, that mounts to the wall next to the indoor unit. It can easily be installed as an add-on to an existing unit at the homeowner’s request.

The “Daikin Comfort Control App” is available for free on Google Play or iTunes, for Android or Apple OS.

Daikin Comfort Control App
  • Fully programmable (5+2, 5+1+1 and 7 day).
  • Controls multiple Daikin ductless systems in the house, either individually or as a single group
  • Works on most infrared-controlled Daikin units, including the most common wall mount units (15 Series, 19 Series, 20 Series, LV Series, MXS Series, MXL Series)
  • Works with the new floor mount indoor units, which work with the 20 Series, MXS and MXL Series outdoor units

Note: This adapter does not work with slim duct, ceiling cassette, Quaternity or most SkyAir indoor units. For Wi-Fi capability for a Slim Duct unit (LV, MXS or MXL Series) or for the Quaternity Series, the ENVi thermostat (DACA-TS1-1) is Wi-Fi compatible.

The Wi-Fi adapter is in-stock and can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.

Now At HVAC Distributors: Rectorseal WBB300 Wall Bracket

wbb300As your Partner for Success, we are always interested in finding products that make your job easier.

With ductless installation, this means: adjustable wall brackets for the ductless outdoor unit.

Instead of measuring and installing individual L-brackets, with the RectorSeal WBB300 you level and secure one crossbar, attach the L-brackets to the crossbar, then slide the brackets to hold your outdoor unit.

Other features include:

  • The L-brackets are designed to fit the anchor points of the base of almost any standard outdoor unit (up to 300 pounds)
  • Each L-bracket foot has an individual leveler to ensure perfect fit with every installation – no shimming required
  • The WBB300 comes with anti-vibration pads to reduce noise

The RectorSeal WBB300 is in stock at HVAC Distributors. Order through your local branch, call us at 800.228.4822 or purchase it through Web Order Entry.


HVAC Distributors Now Carries Diversitech UltraLite Ductless Pads

UC1636-2HVAC Distributors now carries Diversitech’s UltraLite® Lightweight Concrete Equipment Pads for ductless outdoor units.

  • This 2″ pad is made of fiber-reinforced cement. It is designed to flex, instead of crack or break, under the weight of the outdoor unit.
  • The pad’s polystyrene core absorbs and dampens unit vibration.
  • The pad’s textured surface prevents equipment from sliding.
  • The pad is tested to be freeze and thaw resistant, flame resistant and long-term exterior weather resistant. It is also specifically tested to ensure resistance to R-22, compressor oil, salt solution & synthetic canine urine.

These pads are a stock product at HVAC Distributors (item 371473). To order one or add one to an order, call us at 800.228.4822, visit your local HVAC Distributors branch or order through Web Order Entry.

Rectorseal Mighty Bracket Now In Stock at HVAC Distributors

rectorseal mighty bracket
Rectorseal Mighty Bracket

Rectorseal’s Mighty Bracket is a ductless installation tool that reduces your labor costs on ductless installation or servicing jobs. From Rectorseal:

Mighty Bracket cuts job site labor costs by 50% because it reduces evaporator coil mounting and connecting to a hands-free, single-person task.

It’s available in-stock at HVAC Distributors branch locations. 

The Mighty Bracket attaches to the wall plate of the indoor unit and holds the indoor unit in place during installation, including refrigerant line and condensate line installation and electrical hookup.

The bracket is designed to assist with installation without damaging walls.

The support arms are long enough to allow evaporator coils to be temporarily angled away from the wall at 23- to 45-degrees for easy back panel access during installation or servicing.

Once installation is complete, the Mighty Bracket detaches easily from the wall plate. It folds easily for storage in a compact 28 x 6-inch black canvas tote bag.

The bracket holds most standard ductless units. Click here for full details from Rectorseal.