Smart Thermostat Rebates for PPL & UGI

PPL currently offers a $100 rebate for contractor-installed NEST version 2.0 or 3.0 thermostats (compared to a self-installed rebate of $50).

Click here for the PPL rebate form.

UGI currently offers a $50 rebate for  programmable thermostats installed on a job. To qualify for the rebate, the thermostat must cost more than $50 (homeowner cost).

Click here for the UGI rebate form.

HVAC Distributors has NEST Thermostat, Protect,  Indoor Camera and Outdoor camera in stock.

We also offer Honeywell’s T-series programmable thermostats, which were developed based on contractor feedback.

You can order NEST and Honeywell products at your local branch, through web order entry or by calling us at 800.228.4822.

Nest Outdoor Security Camera Now In Stock At HVAC Distributors

HVAC Distributors is now stocking the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera (HVAC item #455748), a weather-proof camera that can be installed anywhere on on the exterior of the home.

The Nest home automation system is a simple way to provide value-added services to your customers:

Nest Outdoor Security Camera
  • Simple installation:  The camera has a magnetic mount kit for simple installation. 
  • 24/7 live video & unlimited streaming: The NEST cam uses an electric continuous power source and provides reliable 130° wide-angle view video in super clear 1080p HD, day and night.
  • 24/7 recording: NEST Aware ensures that the camera is always recording, unlike motion-activated cameras.
  • Includes audio: Your customer can hear what’s going on around the camera and can use the two-way audio feature to communicate to people outside.
  • Check out all of the value-added features on the Nest site.

Like the other Nest accessories (Wi-Fi Video Camera, Protect, and Thermostat), the Nest Cam Outdoor can be managed from anywhere using the NEST app.

The Nest Outdoor Security Camera is in-stock and can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.


Nest Introduces 2 New Product Features for Smart Home Line

Nest Labs announced updates to its Nest Smart Home line of products: Family Accounts and Home/Away Assist. These updates are retroactive to currently installed product.

For complete information from Nest on these new features, click here. These home automation features, which recognize that homes may include multiple people, help improve your Nest offer to home owners with your Amana or Goodman system. A summary of the new features is provided below.

Family Accounts allow homeowners to provide up to 10 individuals with access to the Nest products in their home. Anyone on the family account can control a homeowner’s Nest thermostat, get notifications from the home’s Nest Protect, see activity on the home’s Nest Cam and get a copy of the monthly Home Report.

Home/Away Assist combines data from Nest products’ activity sensors, the phone locations of Family Account members and Nest’s learning algorithms to determine whether family members are home or not. This feature increases the flexibility of programming for the Nest systems — product testing can be done while family members are away, for example — and allow all Nest devices to work as energy-efficiently as possible.

It’s important to note that, for homeowner privacy, Nest’s geo-tracking is limited to whether a family account phone is at home or not. The program does not track where the phone user goes.

Home/Away Assist on the Nest App

Nest is also holding a 30 minute video overview of these new features on April 12th at 4 PM EST. Register online here.

Nest thermostats, Protect and Nest Cam that include these new features are in stock at HVAC Distributors. You can order at your local HVAC Distributors branch or by phone at 800.228.4822 and through Web Order Entry.

Nest Home Automation Solutions Now Available at HVAC Distributors

Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm & Nest Cam Wi-Fi Video Camera
Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm & Nest Cam Wi-Fi Video Camera

HVAC Distributors now offers Nest Home Automation Products in-stock.

Products include the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat, Protect 2.0 Smoke & CO Alarm and Wi-Fi video camera. The Nest Learning Thermostat now comes with a 5 year extended warranty on the professional grade version.

Home automation is anticipated to be a $16.4 billion industry by 2019, and products like Nest’s home automation bundle can help HVAC contractors present home automation solutions to homeowners.

Some solutions, like the Nest Cam Wi-Fi Video Camera, which is a home security option, may seem outside the traditional scope of HVAC services. However, because of its integration with the Nest Thermostat and its supported technology, the Wi-Fi video camera is:

  • Simple to install,
  • Cost-effective for the homeowner compared to traditional security systems and services,
  • and allows HVAC contractors to easily integrate the home automation trend into their business.

Nest Labs is presenting its Nest Pro Tour in October and November, where you can get your questions answered about the Nest home automation systems and earn 2 hours of NATE continuing education credits. To view local tour dates and register, click here.

To purchase Nest products, contact your local branch or call 800-228-4822.