HVAC Distributors Now Stocking Red Devil Duct Sealant

HVAC Distributors is now stocking Red Devil Duct Sealant, which provides smooth application, no dripping, and better adhesion to metal than competitive duct sealants.

Product Benefits:81e2x8ft44l-_sx425_

  • Dry Time: Dry to the touch in 9 hours and completely dry in 24-72 hours (depending on humidity).  Paintable in as little as 24 hours
  • Easy Cleanup with ordinary soap and water
  • Code Compliant (Leed EQ4.1, UL 181-B-M)
  • Flexible Application: Formulated for indoor/outdoor use and for both high and low velocity duct systems.

Click here for the technical data sheet.

Red Devil Duct Sealant is available at your local HVAC branch and on Web Order Entry.We stock the 10.1 ounce tube for caulking guns and a 1 gallon tub for brush-on use.