Improved SPM Dual Port Manometer Now at HVAC Distributors

SPM-K1 Dual Port Manometer Kit
SPM-K1 Dual Port Manometer Kit

By popular demand, AAB Smart Tools’ SPM-100 and probes are now a convenient kit. The new kit also includes a brass barbed fitting for taking gas measurements. The app has also been updated for gas pressure tests.

The kit is available for order at your local HVAC Distributors branch or by phone at 800.228.4822 (ask for SPM-K1) and through Web Order Entry (SPM-K1 or product 450746).

Haven’t heard how the SPM-100 simplifies taking pressure measurements? Read more here.

If you purchased the original SPM-100 manometer and probes from HVAC Distributors and would like the brass fittings for gas measurements, call your local branch or contact your account manager to get the fittings free of charge.


AAB Smart Tools ABM-100 and ABM-200 In Stock at HVAC Distributors

HVAC Distributors now stocks AAB Smart Tools’ ABM-100 and ABM-200 smart phone tools. These tools are compatible with all Apple smart devices and most Android phones. They allow you and your techs to use a smart phone, rather than bulky tools, to take accurate airflow measurements. The Smart Tools app saves the measured data in a professional report that can be provided to your customers to validate your recommendations related to service or replacement. And, these tools are a fraction of the cost of the high end models.

Both tools are in stock at HVAC Distributors, along with the extension pole for the ABM-200, which allows you to use the tool to take measurements without having to climb a ladder. To order one or add one to an order, call us at 800.228.4822, visit your local HVAC Distributors branch or add these tools to your next order through Web Order Entry.

A comparison of the tools is available after the jump.

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HVAC Distributors Now Carries AAB Smart Tools SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer

HVAC Distributors now stocks AAB Smart Tools’ SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer (Product SPM-100) and static pressure probes (Product PRB-KIT).

The SPM-100 connects to smart phones or tablets (Apple or Android device) via Bluetooth Smart orSPM100 Bluetooth LE through a free AAB smart device app. Through this app, on-site techs can measure:

  • Static Pressure
  • Pressure Differential
  • Total External Static Pressure
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Conditions
  • Weather Data

The app provides on-site guidance to ensure that manometer measurements are taken and interpreted correctly. Additionally, the app allows on-site techs to store and send measurement reports to the office or your customer.

Click here to watch a 10 minute video of the capabilities of the SPM-100.

Click here for a listing of Bluetooth Smart devices that can use this device.

These products are stock products at HVAC Distributors (items 446798 and 447236). To order one or add one to an order, call us at 800.228.4822, visit your local HVAC Distributors branch.

Fieldpiece JL2 Transmitter Now Available at HVAC Distributors

JL2-CloudFieldpiece’s JL2 Transmitter and JobLink™ App turn your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) into a time-saving tool in the field.

Using the Bluetooth® capabilities of your Apple device, you can use the wireless transmitter to:

  • View live measurements taken from Fieldpiece’s Wireless Digital Manifold or Wireless Dual In-Duct Psychrometer from almost anywhere on a job site;
  • Create an in-depth diagnostic report for job sites;
  • Share diagnostic information with your customer and the office;
  • Run through equipment-specific inspection sheets to ensure consistent evaluation of service calls;
  • And more

The JL2 transmitter, Wireless Digital Manifold and Wireless Dual In-Duct Psychrometer are available at HVAC Distributors branches and for order through Web Order Entry.

Read more for in-depth features of the JL2 product and JobLink app, including the benefits highlighted by HVAC Distributors’ Tech Service Team. Or, check out the product overview from Fieldpiece or the 5 minute YouTube video on how the JL2 and Job Link app work. Continue reading